Exploding Dinosaurs (x-plod'-ing di'-no-sorz)
1. Exploding fossil fuels in an internal combustion engine
2. Exploding myths that racing fast requires gas

Gas Racing

Salt Flats Minibike Madness
Karts on the Salt Flats 2008
Brake Ducts for $20
Camaro vs. Mustang at Autocross
Sway Bar Bracket Strengthening
1st Track Day Suggestions
Roll Bar

Electric Vehicle Racing

BYU Salt Flats Streamliner + EV-1
Porsche 9Electric Slow Salt Flats Debut
Electric Barstool World Record 2009
Electric Barstool World Record 2008
Electric Barstool World Record 2007
Electrathons on the Salt Flats 2008
Electric Dragin 2008
Electrathons on the Salt Flats 2007
Electric Junior Dragster on the Salt Flats 2007

Porsche 9Electric

(Converting a Porsche 911 to
a fast electric race car)

Cell Testing Blog
Machining Welding Motor Adapter
Rear Motor Mount
Electric Motor Install 1st Drive
Video Electric Motor Spins Tranny
Weight and Balance
Motor Adapter Design
Electric Land Speed Racing Simulation

FIRST Robotics Computer Vision Files