Bonneville Salt Flats
Minibike Madness

7 MB and 1 minute.
The video shows having fun on the Salt Flats with our minibike.
If it doesn't start playing you might need to right-click and
save it, and then play the saved copy.

The "We Ain't Stupid demolition team saw M laying on the seat,
Rollie Free style. He said he had to meet a kid that would do
that. He challenged M to a race, moped vs. minibike... the moped
took an early lead... the minibike caught up and barely prevailed...
Team "We Ain't Stupid" gave M one of his team shirts! Many
thanks, and it was great fun watching them run (they did 146
mph, quite good for the poor aerodynmaics of a demolition derby
car! You could hear it from literally miles away!

"We Ain't Stupid" demolition derby team:

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