Karts on the Salt Flats

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The USFRA (Utah Salt Flats Racing Association) http://www.saltflats.com allows karts to run on the Salt Flats. Even kid karts can run, with some caveats like having a competition license in another racing organization.

Cory (9) and his dad Robert drove thousands of miles to particpate! His kart went 96 mph (154 km/hr)! Below are pictures of it. It is hard to see, but in the right picture a 2nd kart is hidden below the one you see. The top kart has a huge 2 cylinder motor, and a lengthened wheelbase. The longer wheelbase gives this kart more stability for the high speeds it can go.

For all "Ray the Rat" photos: Credit: Ray the Rat, used by permission (thanks Ray!). He has many fantastic Salt Flats pictures at http://www.chevyasylum.com/bsf2008/wos/Welcome.html

Right is a picture of a another kart. This one runs a race prepped Yamaha KT-100 two stroke engine. This kart was to be run by Michael (13) and Elizabeth (11). Note the external starter. The motor has such high compression the car starter has trouble turning it over if it is on the compression stroke. The dolly is used to keep the rear wheels in the air, for two reasons. One is for safety, it prevents the kart from driving off while the starter is engaged to the motor. The second reason is this allows the rear wheels to spin, adding some flywheel action to the motor, which lets it start more easily.

Unfortunately, this kart's clutch broke, so it never posted a speed. We have to hand it to fellow competitors Cory and his dad and other racers. Literally within 1 minute folks were running up with offers of tools and help, even offers to loan a clutch and a motor! Thanks also to my good friend CE for helping take apart the clutch and for pictures and videos. Below is a video of the failed launch. It'll be back in 2009, and hopes to break 50 mph its first year out with the standard gearing, and hopes to go faster with better gearing in 2010.

Here are little videos of the failed launch and the kart idling:

I don't know anything about this kart, but it sure looks intense! Thanks again to Ray for these pics. Click for a bigger image, is that a parachute on the back?