Electric Dragin 2008

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Electric Dragin was the nation's first all electric (and hybrid) drag race, autocross, and car show. It was well attended. Vehicles included custom electric race cars, daily driver electric conversions, and hybrids such as the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight hybrid. In addition to the big vehicles, there were fun "artsy" vehicles and many scooters. Here are more official details, from the "Dragin's" mouth:

This page has a few of the pictures and videos I took. Scroll all the way to the bottom to jump to the videos. Enjoy!

This is Dennis Berube's S10 electric race truck. You can see more details at http://www.currenteliminator.net , as well as see his dragster. His dragster "Current Eliminator" is the world's quickest electric vehicle in the quarter mile, running 7.9 seconds! Running through the pictures in order: 1. Racing slicks. 2. The underhood area is almost empty. 3. The end of the mighty GE 13 inch motor, with special Berube mods. The rack holds a generator, and hopefully in the future a pack of lithium batteries. 4. The interior guages show things like Amps and Volts. 5. The control electronics are in the bed, as well as the lead acid batteries (not shown).
Not shown in the pictures are the mini air compressor. The frame acts as the air storage tank. This way a leak shows the frame has cracked. The truck has airbags for suspension, and air locker differential, plug there is a fitting to use the air for plasma cutting or pumping up tires. There is also room for a MIG welder, TIG welder, and plasma cutter that can run off the truck's battery pack! This race truck is a daily driver work truck, too! It ran close to 8.0 flat at the 1/8 miles drag races. Later on the page are some videos of this truck drag racing.

These pictures show the absolutely georgeous Shelby Daytona kit car
(blue), and Cobra kit car (silver). You can read more about them at http://www.2ssic.com/ . Both are powered by lithium batteries, and are very fast! The green box is a charger. Note how empty the engine compartment is! Scroll down to later in this page for some videos of these fine machines.

This was one of the plainest machines there. It was also among the very slowest
in the drag racing. It most definitely was a crowd pleaser, though! You have to see the videos!
Box Video 1 (1 MB)
Box Video 2 (2 MB)
Box Video 3 (1 MB)
Box Drag Race (7 MB)

While this wasn't an electric car, I was impressed with the chop top and the "45 to 70 mpg" written on the gas cap. Dry lakes racers have known for many years chopping the top raisings a car's top speed, due to lowering its frontal area. It can also improve the gas mileage.

This Miata's owner was driving it for the very first time that day! I asked for a ride, and was offered a chance to run it down the 1/8 mile! Many thanks, that was the highlight of my trip!

The left motorcycle uses powerful A123 batteries http://www.a123systems.com/ , the batteries used by the world's quickest electric motorcycle http://www.killacycle.com/ . The right vehicle is technically a motorcycle (light and only 3 wheels), but it also has bicycle pedals. It is called a "Twike." In the picture it is lined up for a drag race run. Scroll down for video of it drag racing. These videos show a kinetic sculpture interpretation of a Davinci drawing:
Davinci Kinetic Sculpture (2 MB)
Davinci kinetic sculpture (0.2 MB)

You can find out more about these three wheeled minitrucks at http://www.zapworld.com/ .

Autocross is driving through a curvy course of cones as fast as you can! It is great fun and highly recommended! Here are some videos of the autocross and scootercross:
In car view autocross, low quality (3 MB)  **I really like this video!**
In car view autocross, high quality (12 MB) **I really like this video!**
BugE scootercross (5 MB)
Electric scooter scootercross (1 MB)
Supermoto scootercross (3 MB)  This guy was fast!
Vectrix scootercross (4 MB)

Drag race videos:
s10 vs. Daytona 1 (6 MB)  Berube started to lose control!
s10 vs. Daytona 2 (5 MB)
Cardboard box (7 MB)  Hilarious, a must see!
Davinci kinetic sculpture (8 MB)
Bicycles (5 MB)
Bicycle vs. Twike (4 MB)
Civic Hybrid vs. Honda Insight Hybrid (2 MB)
Cobra 1 (2 MB)
Cobra 2 (6 MB)
Cobra 3 (3 MB)
Daytona vs. s10 (7 MB)
Daytona (6 MB)
Ebox vs. Cobra 1 (7 MB)
EBox vs. Cobra 2 (3 MB)
EBox vs. Toyota Truck (3 MB)
Hyundai vs. BugE (5 MB)
Hyundai (5 MB)
Insight Hybrid vs. Hyundai (5 MB)
Mini motorcycle 1 (3 MB)
Mini motorcycle 2 (4 MB)
Minitruck 1 (5 MB)
Minitruck 2 (5 MB)
Motorcycles (3 MB)
Toyota Prius Hybrid vs. Toyota SUV Hybrid (3 MB)
Rabbit burnout (1 MB)
Twike (4 MB)
Zap vs. Cobra (6 MB)
Zap vs. Insight (6 MB)
Zap vs. Zap (5 MB)