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Electric Junior Dragster

Kent and Brent Singleton have an impressive environmental racing resume. They:

Waiting in the staging area. The videographer to the left is Zach Frankel, an independent film maker. He met the Singletons at the premier of Who Killed the Electric Car?. His company is Ecotainment Productions. Something neat about this picture is it gives a feel for how vast the Salt Flats are, and helps one realize the Salt Flats are actually a large, seasonally dry lakebed.

The land speed record for E1 vehicles (electric vehicles under 500 kg, or 1100 lbs) is currently only 133 mph, and has been standing for some years. Brigham Young University (BYU) has been rumored to be making an assault on the record. The Singletons thought this was a golden opportunity to try to snatch the record before BYU's entry was ready. They ran their electric Junior Dragster.

The first run was promising, but alas 133 mph was not achieved. They were using tired, 5 year old batteries and might have overheated the motor. It is still very impressive they eventually hit 113 mph, and might still qualify for a record since this is the first under 1100 lbs (500 kg) vehicle to run for the E1 record.

The electric Junior Dragster in its trailer. It is narrow enough that 3 of them would easily fit side-by-side.

A quick word about the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association (USFRA): There are actually several groups and several events each year for land speed racing on the Salt Flats. Some neat things about USFRA:
  • They are the only group with special classes for everyday street legal cars, the 130 club and the 150 club
  • They allow fun vehicles like barstools, unicycles, and motorhomes
  • They have been friendly towards electric vehicle racing
  • They run one way, which makes for much better spectator viewing by the starting line

Brent Singleton and crew tape up protuding fasteners. Brent is the driver.

Note how the front wheels are offset a bit from each other. Presumably this makes for smaller, lighter packaging for the steering.

This little, open trailer was used to ferry the electric Junior Dragster between the pits and the staging area. Note all the salt the towing vehicle (their electric hybrid "tribrid") flipped up onto the trailer. Note also the salt buildup on the dragster's wheels.

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