World's Fastest Electric Barstool

picture of land speed racing barstoolIt is hard to imagine what inspires something like a racing barstool. Here's a try at top ten reasons:
  • A motor cycle is not dangerous enough
  • Too hard to find the car in the bar parking lot, so have to ride the barstool home
  • Reusing a barstool is the ultimate form of recycling
  • The carbon footprint of a barstool is smaller than even that of a bicycle
  • You consider it a form of electric/ethanol "high"-brid
  • You can build a winning machine for about $500
  • It fits so you can park it in the garage
  • Can qualify for a tax deduction as a personal mobility device
  • Uses up left over metal scraps from your last project
  • Yuppies have not made it a fad (yet!)
picture of land speed racing barstoolFor years now, the electric barstool record has hovered in the 48 mph range. This year, Robb S. not only reset the world record, but did a pass at 51 mph!

Lucky me, I was at the right place at the right time, and got a video of the historic, record-setting run! Enjoy the embedded YouTube video below (you might have to enable active content to see it). Jump ahead to 1:49 to see the actual run. If for some reason the video doesn't show, there is a direct link to the YouTube URL for it below.

YouTube Video of World's Fastest Electric Barstool Run in 2008
Electric barstool goes 48 mph in 2007
Electrathon on the Salt Flats 2007
Electric dragster on the Salt Flats

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