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Electric Junior Dragster Videos

Waiting in line (2 MB) shows the lineup of racers waiting to run, including the electric junior dragster.

First run (7 MB) shows the 100 mph calibration run. Brent used a portable GPS strapped to his leg to measure his speed.

Interview after 1st run (12 MB) is an interview with Brent right after his calibration run. Note the electricity generating windmill turning on the tribrid tow car's roof. No, you can't charge the batteries faster than they get drained by driving with the windmill, but when the car is parked the wind can charge the batteries.

Who Killed the Electric Car? is a an excellent movie about the rise and fall of electric cars by GM and Honda. GM's EV-1 electric car was the world's most aerodynamic production car ever made. GM took a prototype 183 mph on the Salt Flats!

The World's Fastest Indian [DVD] [HD DVD] [Blu-ray] is a great video about Salt Flats Racing. It is a true story about Burt Munroe taking his antique Indian motorcycle 200 mph on the Salt Flats, despite the doubts of everyone that knows him.
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